From time to time, everyone considers his or her life and tries to evaluate it, proud of good moments and trying to forget failures. The Baku State Design Institute, established in the 30s of the twentieth century and since its establishment, has undoubtedly been an inseparable part of the staff’s lives, full of happy and sad memories; and successes and failures, yet always dear, valuable and meaningful.

Regardless of a position, from the lowest qualified to that of the most successful designers, everyone in the Institute enjoys the significance and value of his or her job and finds moral pleasure in it.

It is not occasional that the Institute’s designers never lose their contacts with it and receive energy and stimuli from them wherever they continue their career. It is no coincidence that any worker who has worked here always maintains his commitment to the institution, regardless of where he is in the world, as if he gets an energy, stimulus from these relations. Baku State Design Institute is a true national wealth like other material and moral examples created by our people. It has become even more evident in comparison to other nations and their accomplishments since Azerbaijan gained her independence. Baku State Design Institute continues its historical traditions with logical consistency and modern realities and challenges met. That young skillful, talented and ambitious architects are employed, grown under influence by experienced professionals and promoted is bringing success. The Institute’s staff continue their historical achievements and missions; they are on the eve of even larger successes again and again contributing to Baku’s reconstruction, development and improvement.